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NDS 864 Pro Channel Kit – Galvanized Metal Grate 3-Pack

NDS 864 Pro Channel Kit – Galvanized Metal Grate 3-Pack

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Commercial-grade channel drainage kit. Recommended for medium-duty pneumatic tire traffic, autos, and light trucks at speeds less than 20 mph.

5″ wide x 1 Meter Channel Grate and Channel Drain with mechanical interlocking joints and UV inhibitors. Open surface area 19.32 square inches per foot. Class B: Loads up to 61-175 psi.


Most hardscapes experience more runoff than landscapes due to the lack of water absorption. NDS Channel Drain systems are an effective and popular solution when perimeter drains are needed for hardscaped areas. The NDS Pro Series is a lightweight Channel drain system with interlocking joints, so connections are made quickly and easily.

The modular design offers flexibility as each 1 meter section of channel can be snapped together for longer runs or divided down to lengths as short as 4″ for smaller, interlocking sections. Lightweight parts connect easily to sewer and drain pipe and fittings or SCH 40 pipe and fittings, and side and bottom outlets can be connected anywhere along the channel run. The Pro series channel drains come in a variety of sizes to meet all of your drainage needs.

Common applications for the NDS Pro Series channel drains include:

  • pools
  • spas
  • patios
  • tennis courts
  • athletic fields

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Additional Information

Weight: 30 lbs
Dimensions: 40.5 × 6 × 19 in

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