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864 Radius Coupling 9-Pack


Introducing the NDS commercial-grade “Quik-Turn” 864 radius coupling. For use with NDS 864 5″ Channel Drains, these handy couplings allow sturdy, versatile support for curved drainage channel requirements.

Order in boxes of 9 pieces each, Minimum order 1 box/9 pieces for $56.25 plus shipping.

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The Qwik-Turn 864 radius coupling from NDS is a durable alternative to polymer concrete products and will not crack or break like concrete. Installing drainage around applications with curved edges such as patios, fountains, pools and spas, was once difficult to accomplish with a traditional channel drain system offering only straight channels.

Qwik-Turn 864 Radius Couplings work seamlessly with the existing 864 Pro Series system to intercept and collect surface water runoff. The tongue-and groove ends quickly snap into place with both channel pieces and radius couplings for a precise fit. Once connected, the radius coupling remains locked vertically while rotating up to six degrees horizontally. The patented flexible radius coupling is designed to work in combination with straight Pro Series channel pieces to attain a curved section. The individual couplings can also be connected to each other for tight curved sections.

To review detailed product specifications, case studies and more, please¬†visit the manufacturer’s website.

Additional information

Weight 3.3 lbs
Dimensions 16.5 × 8.5 × 7 in

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