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Landscape Drainage Proz works with
Municipalities on drainage projects of all types.

Working with towns and municipalities is never a problem for Landscape Drainage Proz, especially when it comes to field-wide drainage challenges. While many companies sell a variety of specialty drainage products, LDP has more than 70 YEARS of actual commercial-grade landscape drainage materials experience. It’s easy to sell any item, but having the answers when people need it is another thing altogether. Here at LDP, our inside staff has a combined 120 + years in drainage solution experience and helping municipal customers solve drainage challenges.

Drainage Answers, Not Just Products

With the huge expansion of municipally-funded and managed athletic fields during the past decade, there is the need to have those fields controlled for the proper drainage when a variety of substrates exist. Soil rich in clay drains poorly. A substrate which has a high volume of ledge below it will have an extremely low “perk” (drainage) rate.

Don’t Let Mother Nature Win! We recommend choosing the EZflow French Drain System from NDS

Games scheduled for 6PM need to go on after a 5PM thunderstorm. Moving that surface water out and away quickly is imperative, and the NDS EZflow french drain solution can get the job done. This product has the ability to be installed by practically just one person with a small backhoe in no time at all. Removing the need for additional filter fabric & gravel along with the pipe makes for a simplified, nice neat compact “all in one package.”

Also quite importantly, with the EZflow french drain system, there is no need to drive a heavy dump truck full of gravel across your stadium field & leave ruts from the weight of the trucks’ tires. Having a small lightweight machine and two men on the job can get hundreds of feet of EZflow in the ground overnight & have the field ready for play by the next afternoon.

While the world is moving much faster today than in the past, at least with the NDS EZflow system getting the job done right the 1st time quickly makes all the difference & makes the Director of Parks & Recreation look like a hero.

At Landscape Drainage Proz, we are here to help you make that happen ! Contact us anytime with larger need Municipal quotes of any kind and we will be more than happy to help. That’s our specialty, and our experience will speak for itself.

EZ Flow French Drain Athletic Field Solution

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