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Drainage in the South is Needed

With all the wet weather we have seen now over the past year, its saddening to think of all the friends & neighbors we know who live in the Houston, Florida, or Puerto Rico that really were hit hard last Fall. Our hearts go out to all of them. Even this past weekend a fast moving storm came flying up the East coast and caused a lot of flooding and damage.

Just prior to the storm on the East coast they were experiencing another round of very dry weather that caused the ground to become like dust which water took a long time to penetrate. The fast moving storm came in hard and fast and allowed very little water to penetrate soon enough. This is where a vast amount of flooding occurred.

We all know the saying about a penny saved is a penny earned, but conversely we also know the saying a penny wise and a pound foolish.as well! I’m certainly not saying that the forces of huge tidal floods could have been stopped , but I am saying that A LOT of water damage could have been prevented if better sub surface drainage had been installed prior to these storms.

This is where the products from Landscape Drainage Proz and our partner NDS could have been utilized to help prevent a lot of the water that caused damage. Using either the NDS 864 Channel system to capture the immediate surface water or incorporating that along with the NDS E/Z Flow system takes water away to where it can be slowly put back into the ground, not your basement or living room.

More than once now, we have also had inquiries from our friends in Florida, especially Southern Florida where Town & State codes are smart enough now to specify that even driveways are to be built of a permeable nature, ie Grass and Gravel Pavers. It makes sense! Especially in areas that are low lying and close to water ways of any kind. One heavy storm (and it doesn’t matter where you live) is all it takes for extreme run off to create havoc of all kinds. This is where a penny wise
comes in to play.

Personally, I would much rather look at a nice green lawn where I know I can drive on safely vs a hot asphalt pavement. When you do the math they both are close in cost! Landscape Drainage Proz has a staff with over 100 years of drainage experience and we know how to turn a problem into a easy and long lasting solution for you. So, the next time you think that you’ll put off that problem you have in your back yard or football field every time it pours, perhaps you’ll make the move to install a surface or subsurface drainage system (for less than you thought) and not have to worry the next time a big storm comes to Town.

Contact the staff at Landscape Drainage Proz anytime you have a question. We’re here to help !

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